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How does it work

1. Visit Our Location

Parking in front of fairgold store in cote st luc quebec
  • Walk in or By Appointment. 

  • We are located in the Cote St-Luc Shopping Center next to Subway restaurant.

  • Plenty of Free Parking available in front of the store.

2. Testing and Weighting

Jewelry Appraisal with a loop

FairGold  have a policy of TT: Total Transparency. 

  • All the Percentage Testing and Weighting is a 100% in Front of the Customer at All Time.

  • Our Agent will show you the process and result of the metal testing done by stamp recognition and with stone scratching and acids.

3. Price Calculations

Jewellery weighted on am electronic scale

FairGold pays High Prices for Regular Gold Jewels  according to:

  • the Carat or The Percentage of Gold included in the Jewel.

  • The Weight of the Golden Jewel.

  • We will Pay the Carat Price per Grams x Weight of the Jewel

100$ 50$ and 20$ Canadian Bills

After agreeing on the price of your items , a FairGold agent will pay you with the following methods of your choice: 

  • Canadians Bills 

  • Immediate Interac E-transfer 

  • A Company Check for the same day

4. Payment Methods

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